Reality OF Winter Park Audio Visual Company Association

Let’s say you need to rent a projector and hire a crew to put together a slideshow. When you call one business, they say it will be ready in a week, give you a price, and then hang up. It’s best to maintain a “win-win” mindset and attitude while negotiating a deal with your AV supplier right from the start. Both the event meeting planning company and the audio-visual company try to get the best offer for their businesses. For the planner, it’s about holding costs down, and for the AV business, it’s about increasing income. So, what are our options? Here are six common sense but innovative ways to collaborate with an event audio visual rental company and have everybody smiling at the end of the negotiations. Winter Park Audio Visual Company Association is an excellent resource for this.
Begin by submitting a written Request for Proposal (RFP). Have as much detail about the case as possible in the RFP. Start with the “must haves” and still include the “good to haves” when renting interactive technology tools. Inquire about the supplier’s artistic input if you’ve worked with them before. You might be shocked by the answer, and you might even save money as a result!
Provide an overview of the event’s past as well as a pattern study. Include the AV criteria for each year, including the number of attendees, speakers, and rooms where audio-visual was used, whether you’ve been hosting the same event for 10 or 15 years. Above all, have a detailed three-year snapshot of your case. This will aid the AV company in determining whether your attendance is increasing or decreasing, as well as allowing them to consider alternate methods of reaching your audience, such as hybrid technology.
Determine if your meeting can be held on any day of the week. Monday through Thursday are the busiest days for meetings. Is it possible for your meeting to take place on Friday or over the weekend?