Parenting Plan- A Summary

An effective parenting plan is one that allows parents to raise their children with the least amount of disagreement and contention. As you consider what should go in your plan, you must remember that everything in the plan needs to be made in the best interest of your children. The reason you are making a parenting plan is for your children so it needs to be created with their best interests and needs. As you think about the needs and interests of your children, you can create a plan that is built on a successful foundation. Any plan has many common components that need to be or should be included. Those components are:
A parenting time schedule. This is a schedule that shows when the children spend time with each parent. This should also include separate schedules for holidays, special events, school breaks and vacation times. resources
Information about providing care. This outlines how the parents will provide necessary medical, dental and other health care for the children as well as information about educational needs, religious beliefs, etc.
Provisions or rules. There should be rules and provisions that provide guidelines for the parents. This may include right of first refusal, that parents do not speak negatively about each other around the children, that parents do not engage in smoking or drinking alcohol in front of the children and any other rules that will help the parents work together in raising their children.
Information about child support and expenses. This information details which parent provides child support payments, how much and how often it is paid and also outlines how expenses outside of child support are paid. Those expenses may include fees for school activities, health insurance premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses related to the children’s care and well-being.
Extra information. This includes any extra details the parents feel will help the custody and parenting situation. This could be information about how emergencies are handled, how changes will be made to the parenting plan or how parental disputes will be resolved.
Each section of a parenting plan is designed to help make shared parenting easier. It may not be the funnest or happiest way to live and raise your children, but it can work if you let it. Using a plan is a great way to make your custody and visitation situation work more effectively. Create a happier life for your children by working together and staying positive.