Minneapolis Fence Repair-An Analysis

There are many different types of wood lumber and grades available at your local home improvement shop, so knowing what to look for when buying supplies for your repair is crucial.Feel free to find more information at Minneapolis Fence Repair.

Lumber that has been pressure handled

Chemically treated pressure treated lumber inhibits fungal growth and insect development. ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary), CA (copper azole), and MCQ (multiple copper quaternary) are the three most common forms of pressure treatment (micronized copper quaternary). Pressure treatment comes with a variety of grades, and the best option depends on the severity of the environment and how the wood would be exposed to the elements.

Posts for fences

The fence post is the most important component of a privacy fence for most homeowners. Wind gusts put a lot of strain on the post, and it’s also exposed to moisture and insects underground, which can cause it to deteriorate and weaken. Pressure-treated wood fence posts should be rated for ground contact. The preservative retention criteria are described below and are commonly referred to as AWPA grade UC4A:

0.40 lb/ft3 ACQ retention (PCF)

0.21 lb/ft3 CA-B retention (PCF)

Under the Wolmanized brand, CA-C retention is 0.15 lb/ft3 (PCF).

The AWPA norm has not provided a rating to the MCQ pressure treatment process.

What do you think about cedar posts? The quality of timber coming out of the mills has deteriorated dramatically in the last 20 years – you used to be able to get old growth heart wood (from the centre of the tree) that would last for decades as a post, but today the quality is simply too unpredictable to consider using cedar or other naturally rot-resistant wood. The majority of the trees brought into the mill are 10-year regrowth, and the posts will have very large sapwood rings that will not last.

Using pressure treated 4″ x 4″ pine posts with the correct AWPA grade of UC4A is the safest way to guarantee your fence can last for at least 10 years. You will select UC4B grade posts for extra rot resistance in extreme locations that retain moisture, such as low-lying areas or areas with heavy clay soil, at a higher cost.

If you see green pressure treated 8′ landscape timbers when shopping for fence posts and think to yourself, “Those timbers are a lot cheaper than these 4″ x 4″ pressure treated pine posts, I’ll just save some money and use the landscape timbers” – RESIST that thinking. Landscape timbers will last 1-3 years, but they will undoubtedly be weaker and fail sooner than a properly pressure treated pine post.

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