Lake Havasu City Realtor Association-An Overview

The majority of sellers are unaware that they cannot contact any Realtor to assist them in making an informed decision. They might be best served by contacting a land-experienced Realtor. It’s the same scenario if I’m thinking about buying a self-storage facility. I don’t call just any Realtor; I look for one who specialises in commercial real estate valuation.Learn more by visiting Lake Havasu City Realtor Association

Rules for Home Buyers Working With Real Estate Agents

Doesn’t it appear to be straightforward? Too many times while dealing with landowners, the sale has been wrecked by a Realtor who has no experience valuing land. This isn’t meant to be a criticism of Realtors in general.

Let’s face it: valuing land in this economy is difficult to say the least. Finding a land professional who knows the area and is familiar with land that has recently sold in the region is critical. So, if I’m going to do a deal in Alabama, I’m going to call a Realtor that specialises in land both statewide and locally. Why am I such a fan of real estate agents that specialise in land? They are an important part of the process of determining land values and whether a parcel is a good investment.

When I was an office manager at a land brokerage, I got my start in the industry (I am an investor not a Realtor). Approximately 60% of the buyers bought land without seeing it when I was there. It was because they were treating land as if it were a commodity. They were relying on the office’s land Realtors to accurately assess the property.

My boss was the conventional real estate agent. He wore a cowboy hat and boots to work and spoke with a drawl that this city guy couldn’t understand at times. But he knew his stuff and was obsessed with obtaining the greatest bargains for his customers. However, the image of the property realtor is evolving. Despite the introduction of the Internet, land Realtors still have a strong understanding of their market. They’ve now evolved into Internet real estate experts, providing high-quality marketing materials for websites and email queries. We will not have enough professional land Realtors to meet the anticipated demand for all land kinds, in my opinion. With the stock market and economy continuing to deteriorate, more and more investors will look to land as a safe haven for their funds.