How to Prepare a New Tank- A Guide

Once you are ready to set up your new aquarium, get all your equipment ready. has some nice tips on this. Ensure that you have a tank, stand, substrate, filter, lighting and a heater or cooler if needed. These are just the essential pieces of equipment you need to build a home for your fish.
Pick a location for your tank
It is important to place your aquarium in a good spot so that your pets have the best living conditions possible. Keep the tank away from any major sources of noise such as a television or a window by the roadside. A noisy environment can cause your fish to get stressed up, causing health problems for them. Also, do not let your aquarium be exposed to direct sunlight. The heat and strong light from the sun will strongly influence the temperature and growth of algae in the tank. Some natural sunlight is always fine, just ensure that its not too much.
Fill up the aquarium
Once you have chosen a good spot for the tank, its time to fill it up. Use a clean cloth and warm water to wipe the inside of the tank. Never use soap or detergent to clean the tank as it is harmful to fish. Next, you have to fill the aquarium with substrate. Wash the substrate by placing it in a bucket and filling it with water. Let the substrate soak in the water for a while, then throw out the water. Do this a few times until the substrate has been thoroughly rinsed. After washing, add the substrate to your fish tank – a handful at a time. Once the substrate has been added, you can place whatever decorations you want in your tank. There are tons of aquarium ideas for decorating your tank so be creative!
Install the equipment
Next, it is time to install the equipment in your aquarium. You will need:
1) A filter to maintain a clean environment for your fish to live in
2) A heater or cooler (depending on what fish you are keeping) to ensure that the tank is kept at a constant, ideal temperature
3) A thermometer to monitor the temperature in the aquarium
4) Lighting for your plants and fish
After you have added the substrate and installed the equipment in your tank, it’s time to fill it with water. Add water at room temperature to the tank and switch on the equipment once the water has been added.
Prepare your tank for fish
Once you have installed the equipment and filled the aquarium with water, you need to make sure that the living conditions in the tank are just right for your fish. You first need to introduce some essential bacteria to the tank. This bacteria will help to maintain the nitrogen levels in your tank. To do this, add water treatment to the tank. This will introduce bacteria to the aquarium. Once the treatment has been added, you need to add a few flakes of fish food to the tank to condition the fish tank filter. Let your tank sit for a week or two before adding any fish to it.