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It’s better to leave window construction to the professionals, specifically a general contractor. No matter where you live, we recommend hiring a contractor with years of experience installing windows to ensure your next project is a success. If you didn’t know, the government offers a tax credit on newly built energy efficient windows – so have them installed before the end of the year! All Impact & Renovations, LLC

 is an excellent resource for this.

Why should you replace your windows?
They offer your home or building a cleaner, more modern appearance. Instead of leaking out, they help maintain the temperature you want inside. Your old windows are foggy and difficult to open and shut. You’d like new windows to go with your new siding and doors.
When you’ve made the decision to go ahead with your remodelling project, finding the right contractor is crucial. You need a company that takes pride in their window installation; otherwise, you’ll start to see the implications of choosing the “cheap” option less than a year later.
Choosing the best windows… Choose a contractor who offers a wide range of window options. You can go for a traditional window design or something more modern and exclusive. Make sure you have a variety of window manufacturers to choose from and that you understand the distinctions between them. Without naming names, there are some window manufacturers who produce identical windows at half the cost!
Do you have the windows already? Then all you need is to instal some windows! Cunningham Contracting has experimented with any form of window and has custom moulded windows to fit in places where they weren’t supposed to go. We will repair your windows and provide you with a one-year workmanship warranty!