Using A Family Law Group For A Divorce

Each divorce has its own unique circumstances. Mediation is an important first step in family law. It helps the court understand the situation and assist the divorcing spouses in coming to an agreement. Mediation can occur before or after the case is filed with the courts. Moore Family Law Group, Corona is an excellent resource for this. There are many circumstances that make this a helpful process to use when you or your spouse are seeking a divorce

When you or your spouse is seeking a divorce, contacting a highly experienced attorneys family law group is a good idea. They have a team of highly experienced attorneys who assist spouses amicably settle their divorces without litigation. The family law group will offer their client’s a free initial consultation and then provide a free initial meeting with two or three attorneys. At the first meeting, they will review your case and discuss with you the options available to you and how they believe you should proceed. Most attorneys will then offer a free legal consultation, after which they will offer a price quote on a legal service to their clients.

A family law group will also evaluate any post-divorce child custody agreement that the divorcing couple may have reached. They will also consider any provision that was outlined in the prenuptial agreement, alimony, child support, spousal support or other provisions. As soon as a client is out of the matrimonial pool, their fees will stop. Clients will be provided with a free initial meeting and then will be charged for post-divorce services, unless they decide to hire their own attorney. Those who do decide to retain an attorney will be charged based on the type of litigation and/or the complexity of the case.

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