Things You Need To Know About Chalice Farms Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Today’s modern world is quite confused about the supposed harmful effects of cannabis. This is why many parents who are planning to take their children to school or daycare centers are asking themselves if the cannabis plant is really that dangerous and how could this plant affect their children’s health. The truth is that there have been no confirmed studies regarding the effects of cannabis on human beings. However, experts believe that the consumption of cannabis can have some short-term effects such as increased anxiety, mood swings, and irritability. Some experts also say that long-term effects of cannabis include the possibility of having psychotic disorders and schizophrenia. Visit us for great deals in Chalice Farms Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – Downtown – Dispensary Near PDX
In fact, medical cannabis use is not advisable until more studies are done. Experts say that although there is no definite proof so far that cannabis use can induce schizophrenia or any other serious mental disorders, this does not imply that it can’t do so. Another surprising effect of cannabis use is that it can reduce attention, focus, and memory skills. When a patient combines this medicine with alcohol or any other form of drugs, he can develop a tolerance to the effects of the medicine. When this happens, he may need more dosage of the cannabis products in order to produce the same effect; thus, increasing his risk for experiencing adverse effects.
In general, experts say that the short-term effects of cannabis include mild irritability, anxiety, and short-tempered outbursts. Long-term effects include schizophrenia and long-term effects include psychosis. However, experts say that patients should only consume cannabis products according to their doctor’s advice. Also, they should only use this medication as the prescription states and never self-medicate.