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If you want to engage an agent to represent you, you should interview multiple agents to see which one you feel most at ease with. It is not a good idea to interview with agents from the same company. Inform the agents you’re interviewing about the stage of the procedure you’re in. Are you just starting your interviews or have you made up your mind on which realtor to hire? Click over here now Davy Talley – Keller Williams

When working with a buyer’s agent, do not contact the home’s listed agent. The listing agent represents the seller rather than the buyer. If you asked the selling agent to represent both you and the seller, the agent will be working under dual agency. The agent would have to change from a single agent to a transaction broker agent in Florida. The majority of listing agents do not wish to act as a buyer’s agent. They are solely listing agents.

It’s critical to understand the open house protocol. Inquire with your agent about the propriety of purchasers attending an open house without their representative. It is frowned upon in many locations if you are working with a buyer’s agent to attend an open house without your agent. If you go to an open house without your buyer’s agent, give the agent you’re working with the business card of the agent holding the open house.

Many realtors holding open houses are aiming for buyers who aren’t represented by an agent. It’s merely common decency to inform them right away that you already have a buyer’s representative on the case. You are protected if you tell the agent at the open house that you already have a buyer’s agent. Allow your representative to ask any questions about the seller and his or her intentions for selling.Typically, you will not see the seller until the closing. And that’s assuming you show up at all! I no longer attend closings.