Small Wedding Venues: Finding the Perfect Venue for an Intimate Wedding

Something simple will suffice for couples planning an intimate wedding with only their closest friends and family in attendance. Small wedding venues should be your priority instead of large temples, reception halls, or ballrooms. There are some locations that would be ideal for groups of up to 100 people. The size of the venue will be determined by the number of guests. If your guest list is only 50 people, you should look for a venue that is even smaller, but a 100-person venue should suffice. Have a look at Brighton Savoy-Beach Accommodation for more info on this.

Small wedding venues are usually often less expensive than larger venues. There are plenty of great smaller venues to consider if your budget does not allow for an extravagant wedding. A smaller wedding does not imply that it is any less significant or memorable. In reality, being surrounded by a small group of people you care about will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

A chapel, greenhouse, historical house or building, inn, bed & breakfast, or even your favourite restaurant are all popular small wedding venues. Just because they’re recommended doesn’t mean the one in your city or town is appropriate for a wedding. Do you have a specific location in mind? Check with them first to see if they’ve done any weddings before. Is it possible to book a private group, and if so, do they have the necessary equipment and supplies?

Wineries, a building’s rooftop, an art gallery, or even your home or the home of a close friend are other small wedding places to consider. These aren’t your typical wedding places, but with a little creativity and proper planning, any location can be turned into the ideal wedding spot.

Small weddings are usually less formal than larger weddings. However, being able to properly accommodate your guests, wine and dine them, and provide them with the usual entertainment is still necessary. You must ensure that your guests are at ease during the ceremony and reception. Is catering permitted in this location? Is there a room large enough to serve as a dance floor? What is the state of the lighting? All of these concerns, as well as others, should be addressed prior to making a reservation.