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An optometrist is an expert who provide healthcare services pertaining to eye care, vision improvement and correction, and optometry. Optometrists examine and diagnose vision problems and prescribe treatments for these problems. They are also responsible for giving vision tests to patients and developing treatment plans for these tests. A licensed optometrist has a degree in optometry from an accredited educational institution and completes an accredited exam. Some states require that optometrists have an optometry license. Do you want to learn more? Click Eyes of Texas

Optometrist’s work in conjunction with other specialists in providing healthcare services to ensure that patients receive appropriate vision care and receive comprehensive eye exams. Optometrists can treat vision problems related to refractive errors, spectacles, lenses, contact lenses, glasses, surgery, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, loss of eyesight, and optometry sclerotherapy. A comprehensive eye exam and prescribed treatment to help patients maintain good eye health and prevent eye diseases like glaucoma. Optometrists often collaborate with other experts in the field to provide patients with vision rehabilitation and other services.

An optometrist can prescribe corrective eyeglasses, cataract surgery, glasses or contact lenses; they can also prescribe therapies such as eye massages and foreign body removal. They can also perform diagnostic procedures such as computerized eye measurements, diagnostic laser eye scans, and computer assisted tomography (CAT) and x-ray machines. They can also perform surgery and provide anesthesia, such as cataract surgery and laser eye surgeries.