Things Regarding Lawn Care Tips

There is more to keeping your lawn looking great than you may know. No doubt you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, but do you know how to keep it looking that way? Here are some lawn care tips to help you make sure your lawn looks green and luscious. Click here to find out more

Tip #1 – Aerate the Lawn – In the fall or the spring, you need to aerate the lawn. This helps to keep soil from compacting and improves soil quality as well. When you do this, it allows the grass to more easily get the nutrients and water that it needs.

Tip #2 – Fertlize – When the lawn is growing, you should fertilize the lawn. Go with a fertilizer that slowly releases nitrogen into the soil for the best results.

Tip #3 – Mow Appropriately – Keep the lawn mowed to about 3 inches in height. Don’t cut it any closer then this. As the grass grows fast, make sure you mow on a regular basis to keep it at this height.

Tip #4 – Kill Weeds – Weeds can choke out beautiful grass. Purchase products that will keep the weeds from growing and something that will kill off any weeds you have. Especially make sure you never allow the weeds to seed.

Tip #5 – Keep Grubs Away – Grubs can kill your lawn. Test the lawn from time to time. This can be done by lifting up a foot of your grass and then seeing how many insects you have. If you have more than 5 in a square foot of lawn, you may need to treat with some type of grub treatment.