A Career in Commercial Real Estate

After a few minutes of greetings, a gentleman arrived from the golf course and sat at our table. Andrew Friedlander introduced himself, and we talked about our respective homes in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Honolulu. Andrew explained how he ended himself in Hawaii by saying that when on R&R during his Army stints in Vietnam, he opted to take a break in Hawaii after completing his last service tour. To supplement his income, he rented an apartment, waited tables, washed cars, and so on. He claimed that he paid his apartment rent to an elderly man who came around once a month, and that he finally inquired about the man’s business. Andrew admitted that he had never considered property management as a business, but after speaking with the man, he realised how diverse a business commercial real estate might be, particularly in Hawaii. Andrew opted not to return to Brooklyn when the rental agent began to show him the ropes of the trade. Find out here now Realtor – Jake Maines – Virginia Beach Real Estate

Andrew is now the manager of about six Colliers International locations in Hawaii, with a total of around 40 brokers and salespeople under his supervision. Andrew’s team is active in all facets of commercial and industrial real estate, including selling and leasing commercial real estate and traditional brokerage transactions throughout the islands.
“Yes, it is a lovely place,” one concierge told my wife and me as we toured the property. “But where would you ever think of moving to once you are here?”
A young Army Captain and acquaintance contacted me from Hawaii last year. After his last military tour, he and his wife were enjoying some R&R when he contacted to seek my opinion on commercial real estate firms. After checking Andrew’s availability, I provided him Andrew’s phone number. Andrew fed my friend lunch and explained Colliers’ operations in the islands to him. My guy and his wife eventually chose to relocate to Florida to be closer to their parents. Our Ft. Lauderdale Colliers office was eager to interview him and did so. He found a better fit for an office brokerage concentration with another firm, but I believe that opportunities do exist with major firms for someone who has an interest, can demonstrate self-motivation, and whose demeanour (manners, speech, personal grooming, business wardrobe) is all favourable. One night, after we and our spouses checked in late at a hotel operated by a well-known hotel group, a long-time acquaintance informed me, “I know the CEO, and that desk clerk is the guy who represents this hotel company to its clients. That clerk’s mild harshness toward us has nothing to do with what their CEO wants his company to be known for in the industry. If he wants to be more than a late-night clerk, he’ll have to understand that.”